TBSC is proud to announce we are now Live on GCloud 11

  • TBSC is proud to announce we are now Live on GCloud 11

    What is GCloud 11?

    GCloud 11 is where we provide our cloud computing products and services to those in the public sector.

    TBSC is offering products and services in the following areas:

    ·        Cloud Software – Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, usually accessed over the internet or private network and hosted in the cloud.

    ·        Cloud Support – Cloud support to help set up and maintain cloud software or hosting services.

    TBSC Cloud Software

    Our product License Control for Office 365 gives a single, detailed view of Microsoft Office 365 usage and subscriptions. By viewing your current apps and usage, we can help optimize your subscriptions by calculating your downgrade and re-harvesting options.

    Likewise, our product Rentsoft Meter offers benefits beyond Microsoft Office 365. Rentsoft Meter provides a comprehensive software and hardware inventory through agentless and non-invasive technology. From here, we can track app usage and help you decide what can be moved to the Cloud. Added bonuses of Rentsoft Meter include compliance, cost tracking, and efficiency.

    Our products on GCloud 11 also have good standing with our clients, having won the 2019 UK Enterprise Awards and finalist for the Cloud Excellence Awards 2019. We pride ourselves on our quick, efficient, and cost effective products and are happy to share them with you on GCloud 11.

    We offer free trials on our products. Please get in contact with us for more information at sales@businesssoftwarecentre.com

    TBSC Cloud Support

    We want your business to be successful. We have developed some support tools that can help you get on track with the cloud. Our discovery and inventory support assists you with figuring out what hardware and software you currently have. By knowing what you have, you can pick and choose which apps to carry over with cloud migration and make decisions on what to do with your legacy apps.

    Find us on GCloud 11:

    We are on the supplier page of the Digital Marketplace. To find us, please visit this link: https://www.digitalmarketplace.service.gov.uk/g-cloud/supplier/92877


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