Build your Teams Usage with TBSC

  • Build your Teams Usage with TBSC

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    Do you already have Teams with your Microsoft Office 365? Well, you’re in luck if you do! Teams is a great hub for teamwork and collaboration within Microsoft Office 365.

    As tech changes, so has the office structure. From the way we work, plan, and communicate, Teams is an essential tool to assist with your diverse workforce. As you may know, the key features include chat and meetings (voice & video). These are familiar functions we have grown to know, but the user experience of Teams makes it all the easier to pick up quickly! The meeting experience is completely mondernised with Teams.

    However, here are some interesting facts you may not know about teams:

    1. Teams is easy to integrate. This means that Teams can integrate with Microsoft applications (Word, Excel, Power-Bi, etc.) and other applications or services, allowing for a customizable workspace that promotes organisation and teamwork!
    2. Teams has great security features. With integrated security, Teams security is enterprise-grade.

    Those are powerful facts that make it a no-brainer to use Teams. So, the next question is, are you using Teams with your Microsoft Office 365 subscription?

    Based on research conducted by TBSC, many businesses pay for the software they have but do not utilise their licenses due to lack of training or lack of knowing what applications they have access to.

    Our goal is to help your business fully use your Microsoft license. That way you pay for the software you use and use the software you are paying for.  One way to do this is to incorporate Teams usage building. We can offer the facility for showing which parts of Teams are being used and not used and help provide the training to ensure zero waste.

    Smarter 365 is a Microsoft supported software management tool that provides the data and analysis needed to determine the level of training and support needed to ensure your business is on track with adopting Teams. Smarter 365 is quick, efficient, and cost effective. Through the Cloud, Smarter 365 can pull user data and offer suggestions on the current usage to licensing ratio for your business.

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