Top 3 Signs it is Time for Your Business to Move to The Cloud

  • Top 3 Signs it is Time for Your Business to Move to The Cloud


    Are you still unsure whether it is time to move to the cloud? Understandably so, hopping on the bandwagon requires knowledge and understanding to help your business best adopt new technology. Chances are you have seen the buzzwords advertising the cloud (lightweight, flexible, easy-to-use, scalable, cost-effective) but may not know the ins and outs of what they truly mean. To help explain the benefits of the switch, here are 3 signs it is time for your business to consider moving to the cloud:

    1. High IT Costs

    If you are still running on legacy services, it is highly likely that these services rely heavily on your IT department. From system upgrades to maintenance, these legacy services can eat away at IT time and budget. This leaves the IT department spending most of their time on putting out fires from these services instead of being productive in other areas, which is costly.

    The alternative to this would be to move your services to the cloud. With the cloud, system upgrades happen behind the scenes, freeing up the time and cost for your IT.

    2. Scattered Team

    Employees might be scattered in different locations. This could eat away at your IT resources. In order to manage all the on-site services, the IT department prioritizes their tasks and often puts in more effort to ensure the office runs smoothly. Since the office is dependent on on-site services, certain apps will have limited access. Consequently, teams, for instance, can only be accessed from the office computer, making it hard for employees to step away or help the business remain productive.

    To solve these issues many companies are looking towards the cloud. The traditional concept of the office is turned into a broader definition, even allowing employees to work from home, or on-the-go using a laptop or smartphone. Employees are no longer required to sit at a work desk to remain productive when you make the switch to the cloud.

    3. Fast-Evolving Business

    Are you on a hiring spree? Moving your teams around? Going through a business transition?

    If you are looking to be strategic during business growth or change, the cloud might be your best solution. Rearranging things internally can be difficult with on-premise. With the cloud, you have the flexibility to add or change users and licenses month-to-month. This helps ensure your business is up-to-date and speedy while having the freedom to maneuver around. If you tried doing this with a legacy system, the process becomes lengthy and complicated.

    So are you ready to make the switch? TBSC offers a smooth adoption from on-premise to the cloud. We ensure you keep the apps you use, get rid of what you don’t need, and even offer the bonus of helping you manage your current licenses. If this sounds like what you need, please contact us for more information:


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