Updates for Microsoft Office 365 for January 2020

  • Updates for Microsoft Office 365 for January 2020

    The latest version of Microsoft Office 365 released 22 January 2020. If you are already a subscriber of Microsoft Office 365 then you are at present running on the current version, which is Office 2016.

    Likewise, if you have Microsoft Office 365 then you experience more software updates than those who are not subscribed to Office 2016. When subscribed to Office 2016 then you have automatic access to the latest updates, including additional features, debugging, and security patches.

    Here are the latest updates for Office 2016 from January 2020:

    • The issue with Microsoft Access failing to identify the Identity Column in a linked SQL Server table has been resolved.
    • Excel, along with the entire Office suite, had a security update. This included repairing holes in Microsoft Excel Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities and Microsoft Office Memory Corruption Vulnerability
    • A new feature was added to PowerPoint. You can now create looping GIFs using PowerPoint.
    • Accessibility features were added to Outlook and Powerpoint. The Accessibility Checker for Outlook has a pop up alert that prompts to make content accessible when sending mail whilst in PowerPoint you can now arrange objects on the sides of the screen with the inclusion of screen readers.
    • Some bugs were fixed which include hangs in Outlook during the retrieval of Cloud Settings and in Words where the building blocks organizer prompted an alert stating: “You have modified styles, building blocks.”


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