Switch Your Business Phone to the Cloud: Microsoft Teams & VoIP

  • Switch Your Business Phone to the Cloud: Microsoft Teams & VoIP


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    Get modern communication with Microsoft Teams & VoIP by switching your business phone to the cloud.

    What is VoIP?

    To keep it simple, VoIP uses the same functions of traditional calling but operates over computer networks. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Other names for VoIP are: IP telephony, internet telephony, broadband telephony, or broadband phone service.

    Phone calls can be made through any computer connected to the internet via voice over IP and headset. This is done by converting the voice into a digital signal, allowing calls to be made over any VoIP compatible network.

    Microsoft Teams & VoIP Integration

    Microsoft Teams allows for easy integration of 3rd party apps to enhance teamwork collaboration and communication. With Teams, you can get on VoIP platforms with the purchase of the Office 365 voice license. Likewise, Microsoft offers their own service to route calls, offering bundle packages and fixed pricing tariffs.

    When using VoIP with Microsoft Teams, you get the best of both tools. Some benefits of this integration include:

    • Injecting messages into a user’s Teams session. For example: “You have a new voicemail” or “Your customer service call queue exceeded the target of 5 people waiting”
    • Linking Teams with a telephone directory
    • Schedule meetings with customers and co-workers
    • Chat/ message co-workers
    • File sharing
    • VoIP hosted switchboard
    • Integration customization

    To have Microsoft Teams you must have the Microsoft Office 365 license. This allows you to keep all Microsoft apps in one place. Word, Excel, One Drive, etc. can all be accessed through Teams. At the same time, you get all the classic features of Microsoft Teams like calls, chats, meetings, conferences, etc. too!

    By adding VoIP to Microsoft Teams, your business boosts communication abilities by having everything in one place.

    This will certainly save time and money by:

    • Reducing up-front hardware costs
    • No more hardware installs
    • Freedom to change or update system
    • Avoid hardware maintenance
    • Reduce downtime or call failures through Cloud
    • No more long-distance fees
    • Mobility, no longer tied to the office


    VoIP & Teams integration is a great way to upgrade your traditional calling.

    It is important when you make the switch to have a reputable and dependable VoIP vendor. Contact us today for more advice: Sales@businesssoftwarecentre.coom



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