Wait, how many licenses do I need? A look into Microsoft 365 under-licensing

  • Wait, how many licenses do I need? A look into Microsoft 365 under-licensing



    It seems like some Microsoft 365 commercial customers do not have the right number of licenses needed for their businesses. Though this may seem harmless, the financial cost could be big.

    Under-licensing, which is when a business does not have enough licenses to cover application usage, can easily happen. The main fault of under-licensing is brought on by underestimating what your business needs.

    If you think you might be at risk for under-licensing, consider the top 3 reasons why your business may require more licenses:

    1. Compliance: if you are not compliant, you’re putting your business in financial risk.
    2. Augmentation: suites may be augmented with additional capabilities that aren’t comprised in Microsoft 365 suite.
    3. Development/ Testing: short term usage like development or testing from freelance employees, etc. still requires licensing

    Compliance is the number one issue with under-licensing. Compliance primarily happens because businesses lack the knowledge to know if they are violating their license agreements. Likewise, some business may mix up applications, giving their employees access to the wrong ones.

    For instance, Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection requires that a business must legally license the feature for each user in the tenancy. Without a built-in feature to check your compliance, you may never realize you are not compliant.

    Luckily, we have a solution to help you remain compliant and save on your licensing cost. Out product Smarter App Usage is the smarter way to track your licenses and applications!

    At TBSC we specialize in software efficiency. Our software usage metering solution – Smarter App Usage – measures software usage by the minute for every user. It is quick and easy to conduct, providing automatic reports to help you stay compliant.

    For more information, please email a member of our sales team: sales@businesssoftwarecentre.com


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