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Free Microsoft 365 Efficiency Check

Where do you stand with optimizing your M365? Welcome to the Smarter SaaS Efficiency Check where we analyze your current Microsoft 365 licensing management. After you are tested and scored, we will provide free advice on how to improve your score. Download for free directly from Microsoft today!

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Smarter SaaS for M365

Optimise & Automate Usage

Want to optimise Microsoft 365 subscriptions in an automated way? Smarter SaaS for M365 improves Microsoft 365 optimisation with automated software, recommending accurate and actionable data for M365 licenses for every user.

Smarter SaaS for M365 is an automated, cloud-based, Software Asset Management solution that enables you to recognise and manage the key factors for optimisation. These factors include: lapsed users, non-allocated applications, poor staff training on M365 applications, compliance, or users on the wrong M365 subscription.

This data is presented on a single dashboard, offering accurate and actionable information for proper M365 optimisation. Through surplus, reharvesting, or other optimisation opportunities, get in control of your M365 licenses!

Smarter SaaS for M365 gives you complete license overview of your M365 purchases and usage through an automatic process. Our solution even takes a closer look on specific applications, like Microsoft Teams, to ensure at least 95% usage. Skip the manual effort and track your SaaS with our automated Smarter solution designed with your business in mind.

Benefits of using Smarter SaaS for M365

-Never have unused subscriptions
-Build usage of key apps
-Save money on subscriptions per month
-Increase IT ROI
-Automate optimisation opportunities

Features via Dashboard Overview

-Complete license overview
-Subscription optimisation opportunities
-Automatic downgrade & re-harvesting calculation
-Automated notification emails to verify users
-M365 compliance overview

Smarter Software Management

Our award winning products are the smarter tools for you. We are quick, efficient, cost-effective, and we get the job done.

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TBSC has earned the European Commission Seal of Excellence for our Smarter products, and for good reason. Our Smarter solutions help you stay up to date with your SaaS & SAM, providing efficient & effective ways to optimise your current software strategy.

Achieve quick, efficient, and cost-effective software asset management today by clicking on 'Click Here’, including a free trial for the first month.

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Did you know that you can fully automate your SaaS management? Here’s how to do it! TBSC offers a free trial on our product Smarter SaaS, helping you achieve quick, efficient, and cost-effective software asset management. Give it a try today & download directly from Microsoft!

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Smarter SaaS (40+ apps)

Smarter SaaS is the quickest and easiest way to keep you optimised with your SaaS applications by increasing application usage and calculating savings recommendations for over 40+ SaaS services. Smarter SaaS enables you to recognise and manage the key factors for cost efficiencies and non-usage, encouraging an optimised environment. We can help you monitor Adobe, Salesforce and 40+ other applications!

Smarter Saas for Microsoft Teams

An additional feature to Smarter SaaS, our Smarter SaaS for Microsoft Teams service helps your business optimise remote working and ensures an efficient, connected, employee network, all from the comfort of each home office. Additionally, Smarter SaaS Teams aids in productivity, reduced employee stress, and optimizes ROI on home worker investments.

Smarter M365 Tenancy Integration

The 365 Tenancy Integration is the smart way to sync and collaborate across multiple Office 365 Tenants! We are using an exciting new technology that enables tenant sync and co-existence with elastic control. 365 Tenancy Integration brings you seamless collaboration - Syncing GALs is not enough, true collaboration efficiency is reached only after taking down all the barriers, all without wasting time with on-premises setups

Smarter App Usage

Smarter App Usage is an industry leading solution, winning the SME Enterprise UK Award for Best Software Usage Reporting Solution of 2019. Smarter App Usage utilises software licenses to their full capacity while minimising cost. Additionally, you can account for your software assets and identify your software needs. This data is then used to ensure your licensing compliance and aid in smarter licensing decisions for the future.

Smarter Inventories

Discovering software or taking inventory of installed apps on company computers is no easy task. Smarter Inventories offers comprehensive hardware and software scans either with an agent or through zero-touch agentless technology, providing a smart scan and data gathering of physical and virtual devices, including comprehensive reports about hardware, software, VMware, Hyper-V, and Oracle database.

Smarter SPLA

Smarter SPLA (Service Provider Licensing Agreements), awarded European Commission- Seal of Excellence, turns the manual labor of SPLA reporting into an automatic and time-efficient task. Hosted service providers need to submit monthly reports to Microsoft and other software publishers (via LSPs) to show how many licenses have been deployed to end user organisations. However, collecting the data and calculating license requirements isn’t easy. Smarter SPLA provides a painless method of tracking usage, generating reports, and exporting reports to the billing system.

Smarter Windows Migration

It is important to note that businesses who still operate with Windows 7 now only have less than one year left to fully migrate to Windows 10. Get ready for Windows 10 with our smart, simple, migration solution. We offer a 7-step method to ensure application reediness and collision and compatibility management.

Smarter Cloud Migration

Switch your applications to cloud subscriptions with our Smarter Cloud Migration. During the process, we help clean your unused applications whilst cancelling your legacy applications. This allows you to run on the latest versions, problem free, with a high rate of SaaS usage.