SaaS and the Growth of the Cloud

Cloud computing technologies, especially SaaS development, help end user businesses access crucial information anywhere.

The SaaS model is improving day by day. Partnering with a SaaS development company offers partner companies to integrate their business app development with evolving technologies at reasonable prices.

Business software development is one way of increasing revenue opportunities for MSPs, CSPs, or Distributors by attracting new customers, retaining customers, and adding value to current offerings.

What is a SaaS Ecosystem?

The cloud is an innovation opportunity that only grows more when cloud businesses develop their SaaS ecosystems. A SaaS Ecosystem is powered by creating strong partnership networks. Establishing partner networks encourages app development and additional collaborations on value-add products and services.

The ability to adapt and change current offerings to address customer needs is important. With a partner network, cloud businesses stand out from competitors by offering:

  • Flexible sales/ pricing models (subscription-based)
  • Core back-end services supporting the development of fit-for-purpose apps / customization
  • Additional support for sales/ marketing / training
  • Creating a one-stop-shop where clients can get all SaaS needs in one place

A healthy SaaS ecosystem offers not just a partnership but an avenue for SaaS applications to be built on, grow, and continue to develop.

How TBSC Helps Grow your Cloud Business

At TBSC we embrace the flexibility and adaptability of the open SaaS ecosystem. With our Smarter SaaS products, we help our partners operate successful cloud businesses. We consistently find ways to facilitate innovation through technology, especially with the feedback from our partners needs. Our current Smarter SaaS offerings provide Microsoft 365 tracking and monitoring, focusing on end user usage on key Microsoft 365 applications. With partner feedback, TBSC are committed to the continued growth and development of our products and solutions.

Smarter SaaS helps grow cloud businesses by:

  • 80% win rate from free trial (Health check)
  • Funding through Microsoft co-op
  • Channel only
  • Customer retention / loyalty

“We want to keep our customers for the long term. Using TBSC’s Smarter SaaS for Microsoft 365 enables us to quickly identify ways to optimize subscription licensing, see opportunities, and increase usage adoption.”
—Jeremy Hemus, Infrastructure Director, GCC Group

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