TBSC has teamed up with Geoff Worsley, an independent software asset management consultant, along with Brainstrust, to help those diagnosed with brain tumours.

Brainstrust provides the education, care, and support throughout the treatment process. They also offer cutting-edge research and create a sense of community to those with a brain tumour diagnosis.

Brainstrust certainly stands out with their charitable work, contributing to an array of areas including:

  1. Focusing on the well-being of those diagnosed with brain tumours
  2. Accessible on a national level
  3. Addressing isolation issues and creating communities
  4. In 2019, roughly 94% of respondents who used stated it was a helpful tool, giving resources and providing confidence. (For more information, please visit:

Geoff is passionate about helping those with brain tumour diagnoses and will be running 5 Half Marathons and 1 Ultra Marathon to support the work of Brainstrust.

To get involved, view updates, or to give, please visit Geoff’s Braintrust page:



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