Partnership with TBSC provides the opportunity for your cloud business to grow. This can be done through gaining new clients, retaining current clients, and building on customer loyalty and trust.

TBSC have launched a Renewal Comparison Report for November 2022. This report will help with your contract renewals with your current Smarter SaaS customers. The template is available on our TBSC Partner Yammer and Dropbox.

If you need assistance with populating the data, please get in touch with your TBSC Partner Manager.

What is the Renewal Comparison Report?

We recommend a review of your client’s progress with optimization of Microsoft 365 every 3 months. This is where you can provide information to your client that showcases their first benchmark rating compared to where they are now. Through this comparison, your client can see first-hand the improvements made in usage, spend, compliance, and more!

We highly recommend a review of optimization progress before your clients contract expires and they are up for renewal. We have found that many businesses can benefit from continued Microsoft 365 tracking and management, especially in the areas of business impacts and maintaining the optimization score.

The Comparison Report highlights:

  • Health-check comparisons
  • Savings to-date
  • Efficiency rating comparisons
  • Optimization summary
  • Improving/ maintaining optimization score
  • Business impacts

Business impacts must be reviewed with your clients to help them better understand their current position with Microsoft 365 management and tracking. If the client stops using Smarter SaaS, they risk major impacts in the areas of

  • Cost
  • Optimization
  • Compliance
  • Security
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