Smarter App Usage

Smarter App Usage

A Smarter Way of Measuring What You Use

Smarter App Usage is an industry leading solution, winning the SME Enterprise UK Award for Best Software Usage Reporting Solution of 2019. Smarter App Usage utilises software licenses to their full capacity while minimising cost. Additionally, you can account for your software assets and identify your software needs. This data is then used to ensure your licensing compliance and aid in smarter licensing decisions for the future.

Roughly £330 is spend on unused licenses for a single PC each year. Past research by University of Portsmouth and TBSC proves this figure to be true, having revealed that 80% of organisations are inefficient at controlling their software licensing costs. To counter this, Smarter App Usage is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways for improving software asset management.

o Quick to set up
o Easy to adopt
o Pay-as-you-go
o Gain increased control over supplier negotiations
o Covering on-premise and cloud apps

o View software usage to date for the current month
o See software usage mapped per month
o Spot potential cost savings
o Recognise potential risk from under licensing in financial terms
o Identify savings realised to date

o Clarity on the cost of usage
o Identification of savings potential and redundant apps
o Enhance IT efficiency
o Keep a track of software usage by the minute
o Ensure that You are Compliant

Smarter App Usage is designed to help your business be more cost-effective. With accurate software usage reports matched against software licensing entitlements you can identify wasted costs and improve your IT efficiency.

By comparing different geographic locations and business units you can see which parts of your organisation are benchmarks for usage and where you are wasting most of your software licenses. Our unique reports automatically generate list of devices where software applications are not used. In this case, we suggest recycling or remedial training of users to get more use out of their resources.

Smarter App Usage is a web-based smarter software usage metering solution - quick and easy to deploy, business user focused, scalable for the largest of organisations, and powerful integration capabilities to Microsoft Excel for reporting and analysis.

Smarter App Usage uses a small locally installed service to monitor and send software usage to a SQL server database running in the TBSC cloud environment, which can be operated from a hosted service or installed on premise if required. The metering component can be installed automatically, or a feed of usage metering can be taken from other sources such as SCCM.