Smarter SaaS

A Smarter Way of Managing over 40+ SaaS Subscriptions

Smarter SaaS is the quickest and easiest way to keep you optimised with your SaaS applications by increasing application usage and calculating savings recommendations for over 40+ SaaS services. Smarter SaaS enables you to recognise and manage the key factors for cost efficiencies and non-usage, encouraging an optimised environment.

Having an optimised environment is essential when you have multiple SaaS applications to track. With our Smarter SaaS dashboard, you gain an overview on all your SaaS application deployments and usage whilst simultaneously shown automatic ways to increase usage on non-used apps. Within minutes of install you can increase your ROI by fully optimising and using all licenses purchased.

o Fast and always available on mobile and web-browser
o Agentless
o Pay-as-you-go
o Over 40+ SaaS Applications (Salesforce, Adobe, etc.)

o Complete license overview of over 40+ SaaS apps
o Subscription optimisation
o Automatic downgrade calculation
o Subscription re-harvesting calculation

o Complete license overview
o Optimisation of applications
o Increase ROI

Get in control of your SaaS. Some SaaS applications we help monitor are:

• Office365
• Google G Suite
• AirWatch
• Salesforce
• Slack
• Gotomeeting
• Jira
• Confluence
• Adobe Cloud
• Docusign
• Dropbox

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