Smarter SPLA

A Smarter Way of Managing Your SPLA

Smarter SPLA (Service Provider Licensing Agreements), awarded European Commission- Seal of Excellence, turns the manual labor of SPLA reporting into an automatic and time-efficient task. Hosted service providers need to submit monthly reports to Microsoft and other software publishers (via LSPs) to show how many licenses have been deployed to end user organisations. However, collecting the data and calculating license requirements isn’t easy. Smarter SPLA provides a painless method of tracking usage, generating reports, and exporting reports to the billing system.

Using Smarter SPLA can reduce the time it takes for HSPs to compile SPLA reports to at least 70%. Likewise, there is a reduction of errors on the SPLA reports. Taking a manual task and making it automatic, there is a 25% reduction in errors and insufficient reporting. This reduction in errors helps protect LSPs from incorrect SPLA reports that may result in fines or the removal of their SPLA distributing license. Smarter SPLA also Increases SPLA revenue to LSPs and software publishers by 15% due to the reduction in errors and less time taken to check inconstancies and chase LSPs Finally, Smarter SPLA marks a reduction in late filing of SPLA reports by 85%, increasing cash flow for HSPs and lowering the chance of fines for HSPs who have to correct errors in their SPLA reports.

o Easy to use & quick set-up
o Reports exported to Excel or a billing system
o Automated & extensive reporting

o Customisable web control panel
o Agentless discovery
o Create a subscription to send automatic report schedule
o Versatility to collect data from all environments

o Reconciliation and optimisation against licensing agreements
o Reduce manual processing and lower administration costs
o Improved accuracy in monthly SPLA reports to reduce errors
o Validates against SKUs/Licensing models

Service Provider Licensing Agreements come with some challenges. The common challenge with SPLA rests with hosting providers submitting inaccurate monthly reports. To combat this, TBSC developed a way to take the manual reporting task and automate it.

TBSC, awarded the Most Innovative Software Company of 2019 by The SME Enterprise Awards, developed a SPLA reporter rich in perks. Our Smarter SPLA helps hosting providers submit accurate monthly reports through automation. Our scan by agentless technology discovers gathers data about what software titles, versions and quantities are allocated to virtual desktops and aggregates into a database. Next, SPLA reports can be fully customised to appear on a scheduled basis and automatically produce corresponding invoices. The web base reporting services provides value added facilities which lead to accurate billing and avoidance of doubt in the validity of SPLA reports.

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