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TBSC & Microsoft Present

Optimise Microsoft 365 Usage & Grow your Cloud Business

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22 September 2020, 11:00am (London) Webinar

Join The Business Software Centre (TBSC), providers of smarter software management, to learn how to optimise client Microsoft 365 subscriptions in a quick, efficient, and cost-effective way.

Our product, Smarter 365 is a cloud-based SAM & SaaS solution that tracks & monitors, in real time, Microsoft 365 licenses whilst offering savings & optimization recommendations and automatic rehavesting. This tool is not only great for your clients, but can be offered as a add-on to help grow your cloud business. Especially in this current climate, Smarter 365 enhances collaboration through optimising remote working via Teams and ensures an efficient, connected, employee network, all from the comfort of each home office.

Recent research by TBSC for over 200,000 subscriptions reveals that 100% of MS Office 365 users say they want to manage their cost of subscriptions. However, half of the respondents have no method of doing this and the rest have only partial solutions. They also say they would switch their CSP supplier if they could get better subscription management as part of the service.

In this webinar we will review how to maximise your client’s Microsoft 365 subscriptions through optimisation using Smarter 365 whilst growing your cloud business. Register for free below.

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