Multifactor Authentication at TBSC

At TBSC, we are introducing Multifactor Authentication for our clients to protect their data when using Smarter SaaS 365. The safety and security of our clients’ data is important, therefore adding the option of an extra layer of protection was the best solution to allow us to maintain these goals. The Two Step Authentication has been added as an optional choice and can be enabled upon request. An email will be sent to the primary email address used for account registration containing a unique 6 digit code available for one use only, giving you secure access with extra protection.

What is Multifactor Authentication?

  • Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is an authentication method that obliges the user to apply 2 or more forms of credentials to gain access to their data.
  • MFA is commonly used everyday for the safety and security of personal/sensitive data
  • Many companies and organisations implement this method for customers and employees to keep their data secure
  • Examples of MFA include SMS/emails with unique codes, face or voice recognition and fingerprint scanning.

Benefits of Multifactor Authentication?

  • Protection against not only unauthorised access, but actions such as data theft which can lead to serious offences including fraud
  • Easy to learn and understand by any user of all abilities
  • Peace of mind that personal and sensitive data is safe
  • Adaptable to changes within the workspace whilst maintaining a strong protection

What is Smarter SaaS for Microsoft 365 & Teams?

Smarter SaaS for M365 is a cloud-based Software Asset Management solution that optimises Microsoft 365 subscriptions. Smarter SaaS for M365 automatically recommends how to reduce IT costs whilst finding the best Microsoft M365 subscriptions for every user. The installation process is quick and the dashboard is easy to use and understand.

An additional feature to Smarter SaaS, our Smarter SaaS for Microsoft Teams service helps your business optimise remote working and ensures an efficient, connected, employee network, all from the comfort of each home office. Additionally, Smarter SaaS Teams aids in productivity, reduced employee stress, and optimizes ROI on home worker investments.

To learn more on Smarter SaaS for Microsoft 365, check out the product page here.

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