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Smarter SaaS for Microsoft 365: This software asset management solution from The Business Software Centre provides optimization recommendations for Microsoft 365 licenses. Smarter SaaS for Microsoft 365 recognizes lapsed users, unallocated applications, compliance issues, poor training on Microsoft 365 apps, or users on the wrong subscription. This data is consolidated on a single dashboard.


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Benefits of using Smarter SaaS for M365

  • Never have unused subscriptions
  • Build usage of key apps
  • Save money on subscriptions per month
  • Increase IT ROI
  • Automate optimisation opportunities
  • Automated PDF reports sent to your email on a monthly basis

Features via Dashboard Overview

Dashboard is easy to use and gives you:
  • Complete license overview
  • Subscription optimisation opportunities
  • Automatic downgrade & re-harvesting calculation
  • Automated notification emails to verify users
  • M365 compliance overview
  • SharePoint Sprawl
  • User analysis of Exchange, OneDrive, and Teams
TBSC has earned the European Commission Seal of Excellence for our Smarter products, and for good reason. Our Smarter solution helps you stay up to date with your SaaS and provides efficient & effective ways to optimise your current Microsoft 365 usage.
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