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TBSC is happy to continue to team up with Geoff Worsley, along with Brainstrust, throughout 2021 to help those diagnosed with brain tumours.

What is Brainstrust? 

Brainstrust provides the education, care, and support throughout the treatment process. They also offer cutting-edge research and create a sense of community to those with a brain tumour diagnosis. Brainstrust certainly stands out with their charitable work, contributing to an array of areas including:

  • Focusing on the well-being of those diagnosed with brain tumours
  • Accessible on a national level
  • Addressing isolation issues and creating communities

In 2019, roughly 94% of respondents who used stated it was a helpful tool, giving resources and providing confidence. (For more information, please visit:

Get to know Geoff Worsley 

“Geoff does not consider himself a runner, he considers himself a friend. When Geoff’s friend was diagnosed with a brain tumour, she spoke to him about the support she had received from Brainstrust. Feeling inspired, Geoff set himself a year-long series of challenges to raise funds in support of everyone who has heard the words, You have a brain tumour.” – Logbook (Brianstrust Magazine) September 2020, issue 11 (

Geoff is passionate about helping those with brain tumour diagnoses and in 2019 ran 5 Half Marathons and 1 Ultra Marathon to support the work of Brainstrust. With 2020 changing the way we live and work, some events were postponed. But Geoff showed his dedication to the cause and was able to overcome the 2020 obstacles. He continues to push forward with fundraising, even if that means social-distancing will not allow a crowd to gather and cheer him on.

Geoff goes to say “Since lockdown, of course all major events have been cancelled, but so many converted their events into virtual. I ran a virtual 100km event, several half marathons and half a dozen 10k races and my first official marathon – London!”


Nothing is holding Geoff back from helping those in need! Geoff has 2021 planed with events that you can cheer him on virtually at!

Geoff’s 2021 Events:

London Walk, 13 miles – February

– Silverstone 10k

– Richmond Marathon – March

– Goring 50k Ultra – May

– Race to the King, 88k – June

– London Asics, 10k – July

– Run to the Castle, 60km – August

– Thames Path, 100k – September

– London Marathon (TBC) – October

– Great South Run -October

If you want to see what Geoff is up to, follow him on Facebook for the latest fundraising updates:

We are so proud of Geoff for his hard work and dedication. We happily sponsor Geoff in his fundraising for Brainstrust. If you would like to learn more, get involved, or give, please visit Just Giving:

We will continue to post updates on Geoff’s fund-raising journey.  Thanks for all your work Geoff!

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