TBSC are thrilled to announce we have won Best Cloud-Based Software Asset Management Solution Award 2022  for Smarter SaaS from IT Awards 2022, hosted by SME News.

About the IT Awards

For the 6th year, SME News is delighted to present the UK Enterprise Awards which proudly encompasses a multitude of exciting and vibrant businesses and industries from all over the nation.

In the face of unprecedented hardship and uncertainty, UK business owners have demonstrated the upmost dedication and innovation in the ways that they have not only adapted but weathered the COVID-19 storm to ensure the survival of their businesses.

The UK Enterprise Awards looks to honour the leading SME’s, whatever their size, across the UK.

The UK Enterprise Awards are judged purely on merit. In order to determine our worthy winners, our in-house research team carefully analyse the information that is available both online and in the public domain as well as any materials supplied by nominees.

Our featured winners are included in our celebratory awards magazine, published online and circulated to the circulation of SME News. All winners are included in our winners directory.

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TBSC Research & Microsoft 365

Microsoft encourages their licenses holders to be at 95% efficiency or above. With Smarter SaaS, we can help get businesses using 95% of their licenses in a quick, efficient, and cost effective way. TBSC research found 89% of businesses do not track or monitor their Microsoft 365 usage, wasting IT budget in the process.

TBSC research also found, of thousands of users from various organisations (retail, tech, education, etc.):

-11% of users fully utilise M365 Teams functions

-5% of remote employees are non-compliant, having their subscriptions installed on more than 5 devices

-43% of users do not use Teams at all

-19% of remote staff cite isolation & loneliness are problems

About Smarter SaaS

Smarter SaaS is an innovative product that assisted with remote work during the pandemic.

Smarter SaaS for M365 is a cloud-based Software Asset Management solution that optimises Microsoft 365 subscriptions. Smarter SaaS for M365 automatically recommends how to reduce IT costs whilst finding the best Microsoft M365 subscriptions for every user. The installation process is quick and the dashboard is easy to use and understand.

We have also launched a Smarter SaaS Health Check, which is for for Microsoft 365 as well. We offer a free Smarter SaaS Health Check where we analyze current Microsoft 365 licensing management and provide a benchmark. After you are tested and scored, we will provide free advice on how to improve the benchmark. The free health-check lasts for 30 days and includes:

-Rates your usage efficiency

-Analyses usage levels

-License cost optimization

-Full usage dashboard

-Anonymized user details

-Free analysis – up to 180days

-Upgrade path to RPA version

The official press release – https://www.sme-news.co.uk/sme-news-announces-the-winners-of-the-2022-it-awards/

Directory listing – https://www.sme-news.co.uk/winners-list/?award=143320-2022

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