The winners are out! Innovation in Business hosted the Technology Innovator Awards 2022. TBSC are happy to announce we have won Software Management Tech Company of the Year – UK.

About the award – words from Innovation in Business

The Technology Innovator Awards 2022 selection is made following careful assessment of any voting or nomination information, alongside any supporting evidence provided by a nominee

Our panel also considers additional findings that our internal research team has come across in both online and in the public domain.

In order to be awarded, there must be evidence of expertise within a given field; dedication to customer/client service, satisfaction and retention; and an on-going commitment to providing excellent work.

About Innovation in Business

Innovation in Business is honoured to host the 2022 Technology Innovator Awards. Encompassing a spectrum of markets, from software and hardware development to communications and gaming, the technology industry continues to pave the way for economic growth and provide businesses and individuals with the necessary tools to ensure the efficient operation of day-to-day activities within various business settings.

To learn more please visit their website:

About TBSC and our product Smarter SaaS

With the pandemic, many of us were forced into a new way of working and had to adjust to working from home.

Our product Smarter SaaS for Microsoft 365 also made adjustments, especially with remote staff in mind. By incorporating new updates that streamline the process of managing Microsoft 365 licenses, over the course of development, we have launched a few add-ons and features including:

1. Free Microsoft Efficiency Check

2. E-learning for remote staff to boost usage of Microsoft 365 applications

3. Multi-factor authentication

4. Notification features on dashboard

5. Automated emails to clients

6. Security analysis

We are so thankful to our dedicated and hardworking team for continued development of Smarter SaaS, helping make your software asset management quick, efficient, and cost effective.

Thanks so much for the Software Management Tech Company of the Year award!

See how you can manage your Microsoft 365 by signing up for our free trial below!

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