TBSC is working closely with Microsoft to ensure your success story with our product, Smarter SaaS for Microsoft 365. We pride ourselves with our quick, efficient, and cost effective software that benefit our partners and customers.

Recently, Microsoft published our partner success story, along with an interview with GCC Group’s Jeremy Hemus, Infrastructure Director. We are glad to be published on Microsoft, and especially thrilled that our products and services better our partner’s cloud business. To view our partner success case study story, please visit our last blog here.

To learn how our partners and customers benefit from Smarter SaaS, read the GCC Group success story below or visit the Microsoft AppSource Blog

Customer review: Smarter SaaS for Microsoft 365 helped us improve our managed services

 Tuesday, June 29, 2021 by Marketplace Rewards Team (Published on Microsoft AppSource Blog)

Smarter SaaS for Microsoft 365, published to Microsoft AppSource, is an automated, cloud-based software asset management solution that enables users to manage key factors of Microsoft 365 application optimization, including lapsed users, non-allocated applications, compliance, areas for improved staff training, and more. Smarter SaaS delivers a complete license overview of an organization’s Microsoft 365 purchases and usage, delivering actionable insights via a single dashboard.

Microsoft interviewed Jeremy Hemus, Infrastructure Director at CCG Group Ltd, to learn what he had to say about the solution.

What do you like best about Smarter SaaS?

GCC Group had searched for a solution showing Microsoft 365 usage and inbox counts for a very long time. I think Smarter SaaS does exactly that, simply and really well. The best part is the way it shows the usage of mailboxes, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint.

One of our customers participated in a Smarter SaaS trial and was amazed at how many mailboxes they had on file that weren’t live or did not have people logging into them for a long time. The real value is the fact that Smarter SaaS tells you the truth of what the usage is.

After the customer trial, we tested Smarter SaaS with one of our largest SMB customers with a monthly spend of about £4,000. The company has seen savings of £800 per month using Smarter SaaS, which helped them redistribute the savings and invest in areas that are more meaningful for their business.

How has the solution helped your organization?

Going to the customers with the information they have wanted for years helps us provide a better managed service for them. It is a twofold story – Smarter SaaS helped us as a company to be more efficient and use that knowledge to sell the solution to our customers.

Smarter SaaS is an open-label product, and so we branded it under our company label. A customer logs in and sees their data when I see all the customer’s data and understand what’s going on in an efficient way (efficiency metrics). I can also compare customers so we can improve our services.

How is customer service and support for Smarter SaaS?

It has been very good, and the Business Software Centre keep us up to date with any changes. In every point of the process, we had regular meetings to ask for my input and my views on things – there has been an open communication. And I know they’re taking away the learnings/insights, then change things accordingly.

Any recommendations to other users considering this product?

Smarter SaaS does exactly what it says and is built on Microsoft Azure. The solution meets the expectations of what the Business Software Centre markets the product for. There are many competitors, but none has been able to provide the same.

What is your overall rating for this product?

4 out of 5 stars.

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