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About the Mastering Microsoft Teams Training

Learn how to use Microsoft’s communication & collaboration platform with teacher Chip Reaves!

The ability for teams to work together productively is perhaps the most important function in any business, and it’s the central focus of the new Microsoft Teams application.

From file sharing and co-editing to video calls, persistent chat, screen sharing, and more, learn how Microsoft Teams gives you the tools to stay in touch and get work done with your colleagues and partners. Updated for 2019, this course includes new and updated material, including Shifts, Whiteboard, Praise, and Calls. We also discuss best practices for getting the most from your Microsoft Teams in Office 365.

While it’s simple to use, Microsoft Teams has a tremendous set of features to offer any team, and in this course we’ll cover it all, from getting started to adding external users and third-party connectors.

Objectives – With this Teams training you will be able to:

  • Describe the role and function of Microsoft Teams
  • Create and Manage Teams and Channels
  • Describe the difference between Channel Conversations and Chat Conversations
  • Identify uses for Chatbots, Shifts, and Praise
  • Discuss how to start scheduled or ad-hoc Meetings
  • Setup and Edit a Wiki
  • Add custom tabs to Channels and Chats
  • Use Documents and Apps in Channels
  • Describe the function of Connectors
  • Discuss using the Calls feature of Teams as a phone system
  • Discuss the use of external users (guests) in Teams, including limitations

Check out the free demo video!

Lessons for Teams training Include:

01: Introduction (8:46)

02: Teams Overview, Part 1 (9:33)

03: Teams Overview, Part 2 (6:05)

04: Teams Overview, Part 3 (6:49)

05: Creating Teams (9:41)

06: Managing Teams, Part 1 (8:45)

07: Managing Teams, Part 2 (6:57)

08: Conversations and Notifications, Part 1 (5:39)

09: Conversations and Notifications, Part 2 (9:47)

10: Channels (8:19)

11: Chats (10:44)

12: ChatBots (8:04)

13: Audio and Video Calls (11:35)

14: Meet Now (11:51)

15: Recordings and Transcripts (8:28)

16: Scheduled Meetings and Team Rooms (8:52)

17: Live Events (6:04)

18: Working with Files, Part 1 (12:24)

19: Working with Files, Part 2 (5:08)

20: Working with Files, Part 3 (10:12)

21: Mobile App (6:03)

22: Shifts – Creating Schedules (13:06)

23: Shifts – Assignments and Requests (12:04)

24: Using a Wiki, Part 1 (9:08)

25: Using a Wiki, Part 2 (6:55)

26: Making Calls (6:23)

27: Adding Apps to Channels (13:16)

28: Connectors (11:05)

29: Guests (2:37)

30: Whiteboard (9:54)

31: Behind the Scenes (5:17)

32: Best Practices – Teams and Channels (13:44)

33: Best Practices – Notifications and Chat (8:27)

34: Best Practices – Files and Meetings (7:01)

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