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Hosted service providers need to submit monthly reports to Microsoft and other software publishers (via LSPs) to show how many licenses have been deployed to end user organisations. However, collecting the data and calculating license requirements isn’t easy. There is currently no universal method of tracking their usage, reports are created either manually or within inadequate scripts deployed that needs extra administration.

Splareporter solves the problem.

Splarepoter provides:

  • Agentless discovery to gather deployment information across host and guest servers, without agentless technology, using your pre-existing third party data gathering systems set up by hosting providers assuming the data is of a sufficient standard
  • Reconciliation and optimization against licensing agreements
  • Extensive reporting to make your supplier and customer billing easily
  • Reduce manual processing and lower administration costs
  • Improved accuracy in monthly SPLA reports to reduce errors
  • Versatility to collect data from all environments
  • Easy to use and set up to make reporting quick and simple
  • Customisable web control panel. Shows your licensing efficiency in one dashboard
  • Automated report schedules, regular reports at the touch of a button. Reports can be exported to a billing system to automatically generate the invoices for the SPLA licenses.
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    Rentsoft Meter™ is an industry leading solution that helps businesses in utilising software licenses to their full capacity and minimising their costs. Through Rentsoft Meter™ you can identify your software needs and software assets that you actually need. Being able to distinguish between what you actually use and what you have access to, you can make wiser decisions, feasible investments and save costs.

    Rentsoft Meter™ can enable you to:

    • Gain increased control over supplier negotiations
    • Detect undue costs
    • Enhance IT efficiency

    Presently up to 70% of licensing contracts are renewed without businesses realising the utility of the software for themselves. It is unfortunate that businesses simply fail to realise what this negligence costs them. However, having access to metering tools like Rentsoft Meter™ businesses can make sure that they only invest in software assets that are needed.

    Rentsoft Meter™ is one of the best solutions that are available today to help you with curtailing your expenses and improving software efficiency management.

    Investing in Rentsoft Meter™, you can:

    • Keep a track of software usage by the minute
    • Reduce Software Licensing Costs
    • Ensure that You are Compliant

    Rentsoft Meter™ provides you with usage reports, keeping you updated about when a user closes software. Rentsoft Meter™ also allows you to eliminate any unused licensing costs. Presently, approximately £330 are spent on unused licenses for a single PC each year. Using Rentsoft Meter™ you can make sure that you only pay for what you use. Limiting the number of licenses you can significantly reduce the possibility of paying any heavy fines.

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    LicenseControl for Office 365 is the only cloud-based Software Asset Management solution that optimizes Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions. The service automatically recommends how to reduce IT costs while finding the best Office 365 subscriptions for every user.

    License Control manages Office 365 with features that include:

    • Complete license overview, which gives a single, detailed view of all Office 365 app usage and subscriptions.
    • Subscription optimization that analyzes where to optimize and eliminate duplicate licensing.
    • Automatic downgrade calculation, which eliminates paying for unused services by finding a license with only the options needed.
    • Subscription re-harvesting that shows where to deactivate unused accounts and re-use licenses.
    • Fast and always available. This is done through Hosting on the dedicated cloud platform so there's no on-premises installation or downtime.
    • Available now on a pay as go basis, which are simple monthly payments linked to the number of Office 365 subscribers.

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