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Smarter SPLA (Service Provider Licensing Agreements), awarded European Commission- Seal of Excellence, turns the manual labor of SPLA reporting into an automatic and time-efficient task. Hosted service providers need to submit monthly reports to Microsoft and other software publishers (via LSPs) to show how many licenses have been deployed to end user organizations. However, collecting the data and calculating license requirements isn’t easy. Smarter SPLA provides a painless method of tracking usage, generating reports, and exporting reports to the billing system.

A Smarter Way of Managing Your SPLA

• Benefits
o Easy to use & quick set-up
o Reports exported to Excel or a billing system
o Automated & extensive reporting
• Features
o Customizable web control panel
o Agentless discovery
o Create a subscription to send automatic report schedule
o Versatility to collect data from all environments
• Outcomes
o Reconciliation and optimization against licensing agreements
o Reduce manual processing and lower administration costs
o Improved accuracy in monthly SPLA reports to reduce errors
o Validates against SKUs/Licensing models

Smarter 365 is the only cloud-based Software Asset Management solution that optimizes Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions. Smarter 365 automatically recommends how to reduce IT costs while finding the best Office 365 subscriptions for every user. Likewise, the installation process is quick, and the dashboard is easy to use and understand.

A Smarter way of Managing Your MS Office 365

• Benefit
o Fast and always available
o Agentless
o Pay-as-you-go
• Feature
o Complete license overview
o Subscription optimisation
o Automatic downgrade calculation
o Subscription re-harvesting calculation
• Outcome
o Complete license overview, which gives a single, detailed view of all Office 365 app usage and subscriptions.

A Smarter Way of Discovering What You Have

• Benefit
o Understand what apps you currently have on-prem or on cloud
o Discovery of which devices you are using
o Non-intrusive and agentless scan
o Quick and automated completion
• Feature
o Various collection methods
o Enables the discovery of unmanaged or disconnected devices
o Customization possible to meet security requirements
o Saves time and administrative overheads
o Ability to schedule scans periodically, available 24/7
o Remote discovery possibility
• Outcome
o Full and detailed inventory of current apps and versions
o Baseline support for software compliance
o Better preparation for software audits

Smarter App Usage is an industry leading solution, winning the SME Enterprise UK Award for Best Software Usage Reporting Solution of 2019. Smarter App Usage utilizes software licenses to their full capacity while minimizing cost. Additionally, you can account for your software assets and identify your software needs. This data is then used to ensure your licensing compliance and aid in smarter licensing decisions for the future.

A Smarter Way of Measuring What You Use

• Benefits
o Quick to set up
o Easy to adopt
o Pay-as-you-go
o Gain increased control over supplier negotiations
o Covering on-premise and cloud apps
• Features
o View software usage to date for the current month
o See software usage mapped per month
o Spot potential cost savings
o Recognize potential risk from under licensing in financial terms
o Identify savings realised to date
• Outcomes
o Clarity on the cost of usage
o Identification of savings potential and redundant apps
o Enhance IT efficiency
o Keep a track of software usage by the minute
o Ensure that You are Compliant

A Smarter Way of Cloud Adoption

• Benefit
o New environment will be more efficient
• Outcome
o Aim to have 90% SaaS Usage
o Clean our unused apps
o Cancel legacy apps
o Be on latest versions

Windows 7 will no longer be running by January 2020. Are you ready to make the switch to Windows 10?

A Smarter way of how to Migrate from Windows 7 to 10
• Benefit
o Entire overview of your IT infrastructure
o List of software subject to be licensed and freeware
o Flexibility to use agent-based or agentless inventory
o Application Rationalization
o Inventory of all hardware and software assets, including server environments/data centre
o Saving license costs by means of rationalization
o Minimization of rollout risks and cost of operation

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