Introducing our #SmarterCloudTalk Podcast by TBSC

Software is hard to manage the manual way. IT departments are a busy place, especially with the increase of remote workers. It is time to learn the smartest strategies in today’s software market, this is where TBSC can help. We have been in the software business for years. We work closely as a partner with Microsoft to better your IT strategy. We have accumulated knowledge over the years and are ready to share our smarter secrets with our new podcast series.

TBSC are happy to launch our #SmarterCloudTalk podcast, where we discuss our best tips on software asset management and software as a service. We will also have guest speakers from the software industry, and share our knowledge on Microsoft, cloud business models, security, and much more! Tune in to learn more about cloud software and beyond.

Listen to #SmarterCloudTalk – Now available on Spotify and Soundcloud!

Our Guest Speakers for November 2021

Guest Speaker: May Turnbull – EasySAM on ‘Being a Women in Tech’

Join May from TBSC’s consultancy partner EasySAM to explore what it is like to be a woman in the technology sector. We believe that with her experience and skills, May can influence future women in join IT.

May has a wealth of knowledge regarding the SAM industry, with 11 years’ experience under her belt in on-premise and SaaS offerings.  After joining EasySAM in 2015, her passion for SAM Compliance and Optimization has seen her progress from a Senior Software Asset Management Consultant to current day Director.  May sees the new SaaS climate as something easily mis-managed and therefore believes that the average organization can see more than the 30% Gartner suggested savings if your SaaS is managed well and is eager to share some tips and tricks with anyone that can benefit.

EasySAM are an independent Software Asset Management (SAM) consultancy partner, providing analysis and advice around software purchased and deployed. EasySAM & TBSC work together to help organisations correct any potential overspend on software, make sure that any risks are proactively identified and addressed, and see quick returns through software asset management.

Guest Speaker – Ian Nicholls, The SAM Club on ‘Microsoft: Changes to the CSP’

Join Ian from TBSC’s partner The SAM Club to review the changes to Microsoft’s CSP for the New Commerce Experience program.

The SAM Club are Independent Licensing & Software Asset Management Consultants with long term clients in the legal, insurance, banking, construction, and other sectors. The SAM Club offers a managed service, SAM4SaaS, that utilises TBSC’s SmarterSaaS technology to help clients optimize their Office 365/M365 license subscriptions. On a regular monthly basis the SAM4SaaS service highlights actions to potentially save licensing costs, maximise the benefits from the organisation’s investment and ensure compliance. For more information and to arrange a demonstration contact

In 2014, Ian Nicholls joined the business and is now Director and Management Consultant. Since then The SAM Club has significantly expanded its service and in 2016 became a Microsoft Silver Partner for Software Asset Management.

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