What is World Youth Skills Day?

Established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2014, World Youth Skills Day on 15th July raises awareness for youth struggling to develop skills for the workforce.

At TBSC, we celebrate youth interested in joining the tech industry and offer placements to youth attending colleges in the UK. Particularly, we have teamed up with Basingstoke College of Technology, a further education college in Basingstoke, UK. BCoT encourages their students to gain in-person and hands-on experience in the field whilst helping find work-experience that best fit their students needs.

According to the United Nations, “young people aged 15-24 have been even more severely affected by the COVID-19 crisis than adults. Globally, youth employment fell by 8.7 per cent in 2020, compared with 3.7 per cent for adults.” Though youth may encounter difficulties, they have shown resilience and creativity, especially during the Covid-19 crisis. Our placement students adapted to the crisis and learned remote working strategies to ensure business continuity.

What does TBSC do to help contribute?

We believe that education and training are central to helping youth develop their skills. In the past our placement students gained valuable skills, over several weeks of training, in the areas of:

  1. Software development
  2. Software testing
  3. Microsoft partnership and training
  4. Partner management

TBSC gains value with our placement students. As we encourage an open environment, our placement students bring plenty of new, fresh ideas to areas of software asset management and software as a service.

If you are a youth in the UK (14-16) and in a full-time college course, we welcome you to submit your placement queries with us. To find out more about how TBSC can help youth gain skills, please fill out the form below.

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